Enfasi Oak Thermo Wood Brushed

Panels are water resistant and can be used in rooms with high humidity

Can be used for walls, ceiling and stairs decoration

Panels are made of solid wood

Thermo technology gives unusual beautiful texture of wood and play of colours

Dimensions: Mosaic panels of 270x270mm consists of 20 mosaic pieces (4 mosaic pieces of 45x45mm and 16 mosaic pieces of 90x45mm) 4mm, 6mm and 8mm thick.

Basis: Alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh CCA-145 4×4, EN 13496.

Covering: Multilayer transparent oil wax (UV-Oil).

Wood: The mosaic panels are manufactured from 100% oak wood.

Each box contains 7 panels and covers 0.51m2.

Note: Colour may vary from screen representation. Multiply wood stain colour arrangements in each and every box. Since the product is made of natural materials, the colour and shade of wood in one batchmay differ slightly from another batch. We recommend ordering products in one batch.